When colleagues become friends



When colleagues become friends


When colleagues become friends

Work-life balance

frolleagues brings people together


What are my coworkers into?



Get to know me and what I’m like!


What skills do my coworkers have?

That’s frolleagues

Never secretly google your coworkers again!

frolleagues offers companies a simple inhouse tool for employees to share their own profiles and get to know each other. They can set up a cool company-branded profile with images, videos, descriptions and tags in no time at all.

6 reasons you should use frolleagues

In the digital age, it’s more important than ever to onboard new employees as efficiently as possible. frolleagues is an agile HR tool that digitally supports your onboarding process, making it more engaging right from the start.

Social intranet

Why do so few employees make use of their company’s social intranet? What needs to be optimized? Let’s put it this way: frolleagues is no mere process optimization tool!

HR management tool

frolleagues is an HR tool that focuses on the social needs of your workforce. At the same time, it brings together recruitment, staff retention and opportunities for professional development in one software package.

Agile working

Agile working isn’t just about setting up a team-based workflow. It means working alongside other people too. frolleagues supports this process by placing individuals and their abilities front and center of every project.

Diversity management

frolleagues puts a human face on your organization – or many, to be exact. You and your coworkers will be able to discover the diversity within your company and harness it productively.

Employer branding

Gen-X, Millennials and Digital Natives – what are the latest branding instruments employers can use to offer young talents enough incentives? frolleagues isn’t simply an employer branding measure: it’s employer branding in the truest sense of the word.

Matchmaking made simple!

Better networking thanks to our system interfaces

Praise for frolleagues

What our clients say

“frolleagues highlights the potential of the individuals who make our economy so strong. A software offering that’s completely in tune with our times!”


Uwe Wiedicke, BVMW (German Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses)

frolleagues – the intranet solution for you!

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