The frolleagues HR management tool allows you to authentically model agile working

Agile working – give flexibility to your working day using frolleagues

In this era of digital transformation, the magic word that is “agility” takes center-stage alongside state-of-the-art software structures. Agile working has gone way beyond being just a buzzword in design thinking.

Agile working now also refers to project and personnel management. It focuses on team-based workflows with short-term feedback loops. But is agile working compatible with working from home? And does it work for part-time employees?

Agile working has always meant working flexibly alongside other people. Frolleagues supports agile working in practice by placing individuals and their abilities front and center of every project.

The frolleagues HR tool: Agile working starts with recruiting and onboarding

How can an HR department support agility within the company and support the creation of an agile organization?

Personnel management in an agile context means changing the way you support employees and teams by making it more advisory and supportive of development. In practice, agile working might mean, for example, team members working more closely with their HR department to select future hires. This kind of agile process is supported by frolleagues through, among other things:

  • a more exciting CV
  • a more emotion-driven overall impression of the team structure

This kind of added value applies as much to existing team members as to potential new coworkers. It’s a clear and easy way to give someone an impression of their new team.

frolleagues synchronizes talents and enables agile working

An era of ever shorter turnarounds and cross-functional collaboration means employers have to synchronize their talents at the earliest stage possible.

Collaboration takes many different forms:

  • working groups
  • seminar groups
  • task forces
  • management days

frolleagues gives everyone involved the chance to get to know each other more easily and quickly, whether over the course of a project or within their own department.

In the process, it takes account of challenges like working part-time or from home, as well as projects spanning multiple departments and teams spread across the world.

Promote talent through agile personnel development using frolleagues

As part of any subsequent steps you take in the agile development of your workforce – agile personnel development – frolleagues can help you further by actively supporting your employees’ careers.

Technical and content-based development opportunities acquire a personal element. These can be individually tailored to a single person or a group of people sharing a similar skill set, by offering a more precise insight into the abilities of your workforce.

Promote talent through agile personnel development by frolleagues

Today’s companies must show why working with them is so great. The days of “sink or swim” are gone. Agility on paper alone won’t get Millennials and Digital Natives excited. 

As early on as during the onboarding process, modern HR tools can represent the first sign that your company practices agile ways of working and thinking. Why not, in a very literal sense, put a friendly face – or faces! – on your company.


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