Diversity management boosts the image of an open-minded company

Diversity management – promote social diversity using frolleagues

How do existing digital workforce tools on social intranets cater to the social diversity of a company or organization? The simple answer is: hardly, if not at all.

In almost every case, it involves process-optimizing instruments for purely economic purposes. But real diversity management in the workplace has to do with people themselves.

frolleagues puts a human face on your organization – or many, to be exact. You and your coworkers will be able to discover the diversity within your company and harness it productively.

frolleagues: Promote diversity at your company using diversity management

There’s a huge range of development instruments for diversity management on the market, but they hardly do anything to exploit the underlying potential of cultural differences and social diversity.

Diversity management toolkits have, up to the present, served primarily to survey data, give tips on prioritization and highlight where action is required, which then leads to the implementation of a diversity management action plan. Such strategies for diversity management are therefore almost exclusively restricted to the realm of needs assessments.

But in this age of digitalization, the widening generational divide and the timely rise of gender equality, it’s now time for a more innovative approach to managing workforce diversity.

Strengthen your intercultural & social capabilities using frolleagues

Taking into account the increased importance of the individual, the emergence of new ways of living and increased global connectedness, a new set of challenges and opportunities – but also conflicts – has emerged.

The diversity we now see all around us can equally lead to discrimination, reducing a company’s productivity in the long run. frolleagues displays to new and existing team members:

  • the workforce’s cultural backgrounds
  • its range of abilities
  • the hidden potential it has lying in store

Diversity management using frolleagues: Create relationships in your team based on understanding

frolleagues makes your employees more conscious of and considerate toward each other. It promotes intercultural skills and prevents the emergence of stereotypes.

frolleagues makes communication between employees easier, breaking down barriers between them by showing that behind every name there is a person – along with all their wishes, visions, hopes and abilities.


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