Employer branding with the frolleagues HR management tool: Come out victorious in the struggle to acquire new talent

frolleagues – employer branding in the truest sense of the word

Millennials and Digital Natives often make HR managers using current employer branding measures feel that they are at their wits’ end.

It’s no longer companies setting the rules but the young generation instead. They demand greater purpose and freedom, and they look very closely at which companies can give them that.

So it makes sense to have an employer branding strategy. This means asking the following questions:

  • How will your new employer branding convey your company culture?
  • What are the best employer branding instruments for retaining today’s young talent, who demand to work from home and will simply take off if you don’t offer them enough incentives?

frolleagues is not simply an additional employer branding measure: it’s employer branding in the truest sense of the word.

The frolleagues employer branding tool empowers people by being personal

Companies facing huge competition in the marketplace have to be attractive to new talent. Moreover, the world of work is today more complex, with work spanning multiple departments and Millennials finding themselves alongside Gen Xers long turned gray.

What makes a company look like an attractive employer? It’s no use trying to win over new talent these days with an informal office culture, a foosball table and a few office events. Advertising your image, holding career days and inviting recent grads to events are certainly steps in the right direction – but are such measures on their own enough to come out victorious in the struggle for new talent?

Only a sustainable strategy will be enough to boost your employer brand in the long run and be successful with your employer branding. This means retaining a clear view of your workforce’s needs, goals and concerns. That involves:

  • What value can I as an employee create in my new role?
  • What are my chances for development looking like at the company?
  • How can I influence these in an agile and active way?

These are pressing concerns for modern employer branding when it comes to staff retention.

Turn your employees into corporate influencers using employer branding by frolleagues

frolleagues highlights these development opportunities by presenting the people who already work at your company. The tool answers all the questions a new or future employee might have:

  • Who are my coworkers?
  • What’s their working day like?
  • What do their job descriptions really entail?
  • What can I learn from my coworkers?

frolleagues turns your employees into corporate influencers as well as role models for their coworkers – a strong employer branding measure that spreads your company’s message well beyond its own walls.

frolleagues enables every employee, regardless of age, to tell their personal story and demonstrate their passion. It empowers people by being personal.

frolleagues employer branding – show Millennials that you understand them

frolleagues creates a new candidate experience attuned to Millennials’ needs. It follows a recent trend in employer branding that has arisen primarily out of a hotly contested recruitment market as well as the move toward digital.

frolleagues is the answer to questions surrounding:

  • new work
  • autonomy
  • mentorship
  • an appreciative office culture
  • a sense of purpose at work
  • flexibility
  • successful recruiting


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