The ideal HR management tool for social recruiting

Any form of modern HR management requires a digital HR management tool – and ideally several:  a tool for recruitment tasks, a tool for managing talent, and a tool for staff retention. frolleagues is an HR tool that focuses on the social needs of your workforce. At the same time, it brings together recruitment, staff retention and opportunities for professional development in one software package.

„There are things I’m really proud of – thanks to frolleagues I can finally share them with others.”

Malik, web developer

There are many dimensions to the digital HR management tool

What do you have to look out for when introducing a new HR management tool?

A good HR software supports personnel management at every level of their day-to-day work. It optimizes routine activities and simplifies standard processes ranging from employee recruitment right through to offboarding.

The frolleagues HR management tool goes beyond just resource management

For many of today’s companies, HR software products perform an indispensable support function for their work, as they provide a direct connection to the most important resource at any company – its people. The range of functions performed by leading HR management tools is enormous:

  • Application management enables recruiting in record time
  • Training management and payroll accounting simplify HR processes
  • Personnel monitoring make inhouse procedures easier

Most HR-management tools carry „HR“ already in their name but they do not go beyond pure resource management in their functions.

In the original sense of the word, a resource is a means to an end, a way of meeting requirements. It can be a material or immaterial good.

But when it comes to human resource management, we’re talking about people. Why isn’t this addressed by any of the HR tools currently on the market? It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee!

Bring out the individuality in your employees with the frolleagues HR management tool

frolleagues removes the shadow of process optimization from your employees and places them squarely in the limelight. This is vital in the age of digitalization, robotics and automatization.

Because frolleagues shows:

  • the character
  • the values
  • the vision

of your team members – i.e. their individuality.

That’s how you turn your core brand as an employer – your company culture and its philosophy – into the guiding approach for all your employees. It’s how you turn your claim from an assemblage of well-meaning but empty phrases into an inner compass that they all follow.

frolleagues – the intranet solution for you!

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