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In the digital age, it’s more important than ever to onboard new employees as efficiently as possible. Today’s offices are often cloud-based and thus accessible from any location. Having an agile HR department with access to the right onboarding mechanisms is vital. frolleagues supports your onboarding process right from the start as an engaging digital companion.

„I’m already so excited about my new coworker – according to frolleagues, we have a lot in common!“

Anabell Jung, graphic designer

frolleagues makes your onboarding process more personal and empathetic

The perfect onboarding process, or why it’s so important

It’s important to onboard a new hire properly, and it’s a process that should begin before they’ve even started. Most onboarding workflows focus almost entirely on the administrative and legislative aspects, neglecting the human component.

There are countless checklists, examples of best practice, tips and even onboarding guides. But do any of these things result in good onboarding? None of them give any information on

  • the people themselves
  • their qualifications
  • their skills

And it’s precisely when onboarding Millennials or Digital Natives that these shortcomings emerge.

frolleagues is the onboarding buddy for Millennials and Digital Natives

This young generation wants to be seen. They’re accustomed to presenting themselves at least through photos – and not on LinkedIn either. Instagram and other photo-sharing services are the new Facebooks of this world!

But how do you hold on to members of this generation? Is it enough for them to read some company guidelines or see a list of their future coworkers?

That’s a clear no. According to a 2017 survey by Huafe Lexware, 15% of employees are already thinking about handing in their notice on their first day at a new company. Losing sought-after talent can be far easier than hiring them in the first place.

Onboarding with frolleagues: Creating a welcoming atmosphere

There is a new way to promote and sustain an employee’s motivation, engagement, initiative and identification with your company from the get-go.

It doesn’t involve throwing new people into the thick of it as soon as possible, but instead creating a welcoming atmosphere by integrating them into their new team at an early stage:

  • frolleagues is the onboarding buddy for integrating new team members into the social fabric of your company
  • frolleagues shows your new employee the faces of your company
  • frolleagues lends character to future coworkers and departments. Before new hires have even started their jobs, they form an empathetic bond with your company.

Forbes Magazine [1] recommends designing your onboarding process as personal as possible. frolleagues gives you the chance to learn more about your new employee than you could ever have learned during their job.

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