frolleagues – tagging & getting in touch 

frolleagues offers companies a simple inhouse tool for getting to know the people you work with. Employees can set up a cool company-branded profile with images, videos and descriptions in no time at all: use tags to draw the attention of specific coworkers to interests, skills and offers like professional development – they’ll soon be your frolleagues too!

Working on frolleagues was really exciting, primarily because we’ve created something that didn’t exist before.

Daniel Züwerink, product owner at frolleagues

frolleagues brings people together

Set up a cool profile with videos and images in no time at all

It’s now easy to set up networking opportunities between your employees without the risk of too much information being shared on social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. You’ll have a simple and secure way of creating better team spirit while giving employees the chance to show the company where their skills and interests lie. frolleagues makes it easy to:

  • upload images
  • share hobbies
  • tag skills


See everyone at a glance 

No more slipping under the radar in the “Who We Are” section

frolleagues displays everyone who already works at your company. Our HR management tool answers all the questions a new employee might have:

  • Who are my coworkers?
  • What’s their working day like?
  • What do their job descriptions really entail?
  • What can I learn from my coworkers?

Your entire team can be found clearly listed in the frolleagues employee gallery – thanks to tags and our intelligent search function.

Go corporate!

Employer branding in the truest sense of the word: all available benefits accessible on one page

The corporate news page provided by frolleagues can be tailored to meet our clients’ requirements and corporate design by:

  • incorporating the logo
  • including a header matching the company’s CD
  • providing links to external websites

    News & more

    Various news bulletins can be added to the newsfeed and constantly updated, such as:

    • team events
    • professional development
    • internal updates

    frolleagues – the intranet solution for you!

    employee profiles

    intelligent search function

     matching function

    HR newsfeed


     company branding