frolleagues social intranet software: Show the people behind it all

A social intranet platform and the software powering it provide the foundation for a well-functioning inhouse social network at your company. But what is a social intranet software package and why does a company need a social intranet in the first place? And why do so few employees actually use their company’s social intranet?

„frolleagues puts the “social” in social intranet“

Roman Schikorsky, CEO

The frolleagues social intranet is about more than just knowledge management and data sharing

Why a social intranet, and how frolleagues contributes to a company’s success?

Let’s get one thing out of the way: social intranets are missing out on important trends in digital collaboration.

Social intranet knowledge management is better than ever, with social intranet software packages making communication ever easier thanks to wikis, blogs and forums – yet it’s primarily tools like Slack or Microsoft Team that are currently creating added value in projects. They have achieved this outside the realm of social intranets by:

  • setting in motion projects involving many different teams
  • enabling smooth simultaneous editing of documents
  • enabling online discussions

Your frolleagues social intranet matches data to personalities

All of these products have one thing in common: no social intranet platform or software package shows the people behind the project. It connects them only through providing the data, but not on any emotional level.

frolleagues is a social intranet software that uses personality to fill the gap between facts and figures and in so doing brings the process to life:

  • Who am I working with?
  • Do we have a shared vision?
  • Do we have common goals?

Doesn’t everyone want to know exactly who they’re working with?

The frolleagues social intranet: Discover specialists from within your own ranks

frolleagues enables team-building across departments and specialist areas:

  • Who has what skills?
  • What potential is currently lying untapped in each individual?

frolleagues offers you the chance to search for specialists within your own company that you didn’t even know you had.

The frolleagues social intranet puts the focus back on people

Probably the best argument for frolleagues is that people like working with other people – something that is increasingly not the case in the digital world.

The only thing that seems to matter is having your work status constantly on display and being available whenever and wherever – except that leaving out the human component is like depriving the blood of oxygen.

frolleagues – the intranet solution for you!

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